8 innovative logo design trends and styles for 2019

A logo is the visual centerpiece of a company’s brand identity.

A well-designed logo will help boost awareness and can improve marketing and a brand’s bottom line.

A poorly designed logo, or one that has outgrown a brand, can tarnish it.

When you set aside design trends and styles, at its core, a logo must:

  1. Embody the brand.
  2. Be instantly recognizable.
  3. Be versatile.
  4. Be timeless.

Everything else is optional.

Simplistic letter play, “swooshy” people, pixelated designs and bright colors were popular logo design trends in 2018.

Whether a brand wants a logo design for a new business or is considering a rebrand, a custom logo design in 2019 should feel fresh and relevant for a long time, and not dated a year from now.

Here are eight innovative logo design trends and styles that will happen  in 2019.

1. Responsive design logos

Whether you print your logo on marketing brochures, outdoor billboards, product packaging, on your website, on a business card or as an icon on a smartphone, you want your logo to be flexible and usable in different situations.

This is called responsive design.

Here’s a site that lets you play with famous logos and see how they respond to different screen sizes.

How does your company’s logo change based on screen or display size?

2. Perspective-play logos

Playing with perspective is a great way to challenge the norms of traditional logo design.

Distortion, fragmentation, warping and visual breaks are all interesting ways to break the mold in an engaging way.

You can even overemphasize certain elements to highlight specific qualities of your logo in an unexpected way.

One way to be sure this style works for you is to ask your graphic designer to show you some mock-ups with your logo on items.

Many graphic designers are now providing mocked-up visuals of their logo designs on a t-shirt, business cardsbusiness brochures, stationery, web design, infographic or wall signage in addition to their beautifully rendered design.

3. Bright colors

Colors — especially bright colors — continue to take center stage when it comes to modern logo trends and we expect this will continue throughout 2019.

That’s because color has a deep impact on how people see the world and is often used to influence people’s decisions.

Want to learn more about the importance of color in logo design? We recommend you read:

4. Simple typography

Simple design is hardly a new trend.

With clean lines and memorable presentation, it’s easy to understand the draw of simple logo design.

Simplifying an existing logo is an easy way for businesses to build on their foundations – ironically, by stripping them down to their visual cores.

We’ve seen brands like Uber undergo redesigns recently, whether to strip down overly ornamental logos or to move away from tarnished reputations.