America’s ‘most loved’ brands are…

April 3, 2019

Six retail companies rank among the top 25 most loved brands in America.

Online giant Amazon took the top spot in Morning Consult’s America’s Most Loved Brands 2019, a ranking of consumers’ favorite brands determined by 400,000-plus survey interviews with U.S. adults 18. Rounding out the top five: Google, Netflix, UPS and The Home Depot.

The other retailers that made the cut were Dollar Tree (#9), Lowes (#11), Target (#15), Walmart (#18) and Walgreens (#20). The ranking also included three fast-casual brands: Subway (#19, Dairy Queen #22) and Chick-Fil-A (#24). (The full listing is at end of article.)

The ranking is based on four survey metrics: brand favorability, trust, community impact, and net promoter score. Each metric is factored into an index score, and brands are ranked accordingly. This year’s rankings feature the most loved brands in key demographics including gender, generation, consumer elites, and community types: suburban, urban and rural.

Here are the top five brands by generation:

• Gen Z, ages 18 to 21: Google, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, and Oreo

• Millennials, ages 22 to 37: Netflix, Google, Amazon, YouTube, and Target

• Gen X, ages 38 to 53: Google, Amazon, Netflix, UPS, and The Home Depot

• Baby Boomers, ages 54 to 72: UPS, The Home Depot, USPS, Lowe’s and FedEx

Here is the complete list of Morning Consult’s 25 Most Loved Brands in America:

1. Amazon
2. Google
3. Netflix
4. UPS
5. The Home Depot
7. Hershey’s
8. FedEx
9. Dollar Tree
10. Cheerios
11. Lowe’s
12. Samsung
13. Tide
14. YouTube
15. Target
16. Weather Channel
17. Dove
18. Walmart
19. Subway
20. Walgreens
21. PayPal
22. DQ (Daily Queen)
23. Disney
24. Chick-Fil-A
25. Colgate