Meet the new convenience store

It was Rachel Krupa’s love for convenience stores that made her want to change them. Krupa grew up going to local convenience stores for the essentials and snacking at rest-stop convenience stores on road trips. Years later, when her diet focused on good-for-you foods and her work in public relations had her representing progressive, up-and-coming food brands, she realized that convenience stores needed an upgrade.

In April of this year, Krupa opened The Goods Mart in Los Angeles. Krupa’s convenience store is among a handful of new businesses shaking up the traditional convenience store and focusing on healthy, high-end, products from small brands.

“I want to be your neighborhood convenience store,” said Krupa. “We have a lot of different things that you’d find at, say, a 7-Eleven, but it’s all better-for-you type ingredients in the sense of no artificial colors, preservatives, dyes. We curated around 300 to 350 products that I tried and tested and also read up on.”