Preparing Your Signage for Hurricane Season: Essential Tips and Best Practices

When the winds howl and the skies darken, marking the arrival of hurricane season, protecting lives and property is paramount.

Just as you’d batten down the hatches at home, you need to consider the resilience of your business’s signage. After all, these structures are not just markers for your brand, they can be liabilities if not properly secured.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the essentials of hurricane-proofing your signage with expert tips designed to outlast the storm. These guidelines will help you ensure that your signage stands strong or is swiftly recoverable during and after a hurricane.


4 Tips to Prepare Your Signs for Bad Weather

Evaluate and Reinforce Signage Structures

In the calm before the disaster events that come with the storm, take the time to inspect your signs. Are they in good repair?

Loose bolts, rusted supports, or frayed electrical wiring not only pose inherent dangers but also stand less chance against fierce strong winds. Make reinforcements where needed. Tighten, replace, or reinforce parts of the sign structure to bolster stability.

Preparing Your Signage for Hurricane Season: Essential Tips and Best Practices


Plan for Signage Storage or Removal

Sometimes, the best protection before disaster strikes is a temporary retreat. For signs that can be removed, have a storage plan in place. Clean and wrap the signs to protect them until you can set them up again once the weather has calmed.

For the removal and protection of signs, especially those of considerable size and complexity, we recommend seeking the assistance of a professional sign removal company like Atlas Sign Industries.

As a FEMA-certified entity, we are equipped to provide rapid recovery services for outdoor signage and branded elements. This certification ensures that we adhere to stringent standards for emergency preparedness and response. You can have peace of mind that your signage is in capable hands before, during, and after the stormy season.


Make Sure Your Insurance is Up-to-date

Before a storm shutters your signs, review and update your insurance policies regularly to accurately reflect the value of your signage. This step is especially crucial if you have made any significant changes or updates to your signs since they were first insured.


Digital Signage Considerations

Those LED displays might be modern marvels, but they have vulnerabilities. If your digital signage isn’t rated for hurricane winds, the safest route is to turn them off and cover the screens with plastic sheeting to shield them from flying debris.

If your displays are rated for inclement weather, ensure they’re anchored securely to withstand high-speed winds.

Preparing Your Signage for Hurricane Season: Essential Tips and Best Practices



With these preparedness tips and best practices, you can help your signage weather the storms. Make sure you have access to emergency supplies and a battery powered radio so that you can stay informed about bad weather conditions even during a power outage.

Should your signage suffer structural damage, notify local authorities, such as the fire department, so that they can be prepared to mitigate any potential hazards(eg. exposed electrical wires).

Atlas Sign Industries is committed to providing top-of-the-line rapid recovery services for exterior signage and branded elements. We’re here to help ensure your signs are back up and running as soon as possible after a storm. Contact us today to learn more about our emergency services for signage.