Reaching New Heights with City National Bank

Atlas has a long-standing reputation for successfully completing high-rise signage projects, especially in southern Florida. The higher the building, the higher Atlas rises. This is especially true with the recently completed City National Bank project at Miami Tower.

It all started with City National Bank’s acquisition of Total Bank. Atlas previously did the high-rise signage work for Total Bank in 2014. This experience, coupled with the property manager’s continuing recommendation, made Atlas the obvious choice.

Glenn Olson, Principal of Project Management at Cresa:

“Atlas is the only sign company I use. I have never worked with a more qualified sign company from start to finish. Communication is a key to Atlas’ success. They say what they can do and they do it.”

Statistics about Miami Tower:

  • 47 stories
  • 625 feet tall
  • 8th tallest building in Miami, and Florida
  • Known for its elaborate night-time illuminations and its dramatic three glass tiers

Key components and challenges of the City National Bank project:

  • Contract signed October 2018
  • Special permits and warrants secured in a fraction of the normal timing
  • Engineering
  • Overall height and architecture of the building
  • Manufacturing – 8-foot tall letters and branding elements
  • Needed to construct a new swing stage for installation
  • All installation and field work done after hours and weekends, from 2/4/19 – 2/27/19
  • Atlas field supervision 100% of the time
  • Project completed one week early!

Annette Southern, Atlas Director of Program Management:

“The reason for our success is not any one individual, but the entire Atlas Team all coming together for a singular successful outcome.”

For more information on Atlas High-Rise Capabilities: or contact us at 800.772.7932