Atlas brought in when other sign companies were failing.


Advance Auto was in a difficult position 13 years ago with its signage program. Legacy signage companies were struggling by:

  • failing to secure permits
  • installing without permits
  • missing key dates, including store openings


Atlas stepped in and actually helped other sign companies with their permitting problems. In addition, the signage program was quickly reorganized by Atlas.

A comprehensive sign family was developed, with extensive value engineering and prototyping. The program has evolved and grown over the years with the latest technologies.

LEDs replaced fluorescent tubes. The standard cloud sign was phased out and replaced with a more dynamic 3D brand representation of channel letters.

Atlas also handled the CarQuest reimage and co-branding projects.


Atlas projects are consistently on-time and on-budget.

Value engineering continues and has resulted in significant front-end savings. It has also reduced ongoing energy and maintenance costs.

Atlas also wrote and implemented the system-wide installation manual for the “stout program”, painted, bent aluminum panels.