The journey is better with the right people and team.


Airport rental facilities are complex and require a signage company that is dependable and focused.


Atlas assembled a specialized team. The four main team members boast over 100 years of combined experience.

The team had one mission in mind… to be Hertz’s number one trusted signage vendor for all their signage needs.

Program details include:

  • Four different sets of standard sign families resulting in multiple variances of sizes and construction methods.
  • Designing the initial specifications and prototypes.
  • Different site situations resulted in design changes requiring manufacturing to adjust.
  • Assembly line procedures & CAD machinery utilized to maintain quality and efficiency.

The value-added includes:

  • Providing the fabrication & manufacturing standards for all companies to follow program-wide.
  • Providing a reusable solution for Temporary & QTA sign packages.
  • Value Engineering from the start.


5,797 signs designed, manufactured & installed at 18 different locations across the country in just 13 months.

Other program-level results include:

  • Completing the second and third largest Hertz Airport Facilities.
  • Completing all sites on time.
  • Maintained less than 0.02% punch list.
  • Continuing to be a partner with Hertz and having them as a satisfied customer.

Site specific results include:

  • MCI – Kansas City: Determined that sign program designed was ill-suited for the site given wind conditions & redesigned the program to integrate the existing support structures. Atlas finished site on time.
  • OKC & SLC – Oklahoma City & Salt Lake City: Two projects that were last minute site additions (SLC) that went from award to completion in 7 weeks with custom elements. Atlas finished on time.
  • PDX – Portland: Came up with an innovative reflective vinyl solution for Portland when the Airport Authority mandated non-illuminated signs. Atlas Finished on time.
  • SMF – Sacramento: Fabrication & installation schedules were adjusted to accommodate 3 design changes in 5 weeks with the final version coming 1 week before we started. Atlas finished on time.

…the journey continues…