Atlas works with Miami Marlins and the MLB office in NYC to develop signage for the  88th All-Star Game.


The Miami Marlins and its new stadium were awarded the hosting of the 88th All-Star Game by MLB. This was a major branding opportunity not just for the Marlins, but for the entire league. With its prominence and importance, there were many eyes on this project, including the commissioner, Rob Manfred.


Atlas worked hand-in-hand with MLB to come up with the executed logo. For PR and publicity purposes, Atlas built and distributed small-scale prototypes. Stadium signage was built and install by 8/1/2016 to create local game branding and awareness for the game in July 2017.


A highly-successful and high-profile project knocked out of the park again by Atlas. The relationship with Marlins continues with the 2018 stadium sponsorship shift to Ocean Bank.