In 2018, no other chain matches the growth of MOD Pizza, taking the #1 spot in the Nations Restaurant News ranking. Atlas continues to support this growth with superior product and service.


MOD Pizza is a well-funded and aggressive fast-casual restaurant concept. Speed to market is critical for them. Each location is custom designed for signage and branding elements. This requires flexibility and a high degree of creativity.


The Atlas Design team steps up to create custom designs that reflect the master MOD brand, yet includes local flair to capture the trade-area culture. The Atlas Program Management team oversees this flexible and creative process to ensure speed-to-market.


Atlas took the lead to create the family of signs and designed all drive-thru elements for nationwide rollout.

Signage is installed as quickly as possible during construction to establish brand presence and create awareness. As an example, for a project that had space delivery move up substantially, the entire schedule was expedited to three weeks.

Atlas also supported the highly successful “Love MOD” mini signage marketing promotion.