What started as a singular client relationship with Petco evolved into so much more.


The pet industry has exploded over the last 20 years, tripling to over $72,000,000,000. Much of this growth comes from demand for more personalized and pampered care for pets. Petco stays ahead of the demand curve with extensions of their core Petco brand.


Atlas works with Petco on beginning-to-end signage and facility branding, earning their trust as their “go-to” company.

The Atlas relationship started with the singular brand of Petco. It has evolved into their source for acquisitions, new concepts and store-within-a-store merchandising. The strengths of the Atlas Design and Program Management teams continue to build this trust and relationship.


The end-to-end business as usual has evolved into successful concept launches and brand extensions including Pet Vet, Thrive, Vetco, Pet Coach, A-Run and a still-confidential launch in October 2018.