Sometimes you have to prove your company character and culture before core capabilities. This is how Atlas began working with Publix.


Natural disasters like hurricanes are a true test of a company’s character and culture. The Publix footprint is periodically impacted by hurricanes.

Atlas had been trying to establish a relationship for years with Publix. Atlas CEO, Jim Adinolfe, kept asking for the chance, no matter what it entailed.



  1. Publix needed a sign removed and another sign company dropped the ball. In the face of adversity when others said no, Jim and Atlas stepped in and said yes.
  2. A hurricane had devastated Florida. There was a shortage of natural resources and rationing. Publix needed diesel fuel for its generators. Atlas provided a unique solution which had absolutely nothing to do with signage. However, it had everything to do with a client in need.


  1. Remembering what Jim said, Publix called Atlas. Self-performing trucks were dispatched, drove through the night, and had the sign removed the next day.
  2. Again, remembering what Jim said, Publix called and asked is there was any way Atlas could secure diesel fuel for Publix generators. Atlas secured and filled the generators to keep stores functioning for both Publix and its customers’ well being.